The National Marine Park of Zakynthos was created in 1999 and includes Laganas bay, in the former municipality of Pantokratoras, on the south beaches of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Sea. The area is part of the network of the protected areas Natura 2000. The Marine Park of Zakynthos is the first of its kind that was created in Greece as well as the Mediterranean for the protection of the Sea turtle Caretta Caretta.

The protected area includes the sea and islets of the Laganas golf, the beaches where the turtles nest and a coastal zone which surrounds them, the wetland of Keri Lake, Marathonisi Island and the island of Strofades located approximately 50 kilometers south of Zakynthos Island.

The ecosystem constitutes the nest area of the sea turtle and includes dune systems, underwater Posidonia fields (Posidonia oceanica) and coastal ecosystems where you can find hundreds of kinds of rare flora and fauna.


Keri Lake is located on the south west part of the island. The area combines the sea and a pine forest. Take one of our boats and discover the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea with the rocky coasts, the sharp rocks and the steep slopes which fill the visitor with awe. You can reach the cape Faros which is situated 12 kilometers from the lake.