In the map you see the areas you can visit.

The borders are noted with a red dotted line. The area marked by this dotted line is where you can go and explore. For your safety, remain within these borders. In the map you can also see turtles as well as dolphins and Monachus Monachus seals. The speed limit is 6 nautical miles per hour.


When you visit the National Marine Park (which includes Laganas Bay and Marathonisi Island) you are given the unique opportunity to photograph and see the Caretta Caretta turtle in its natural environment.


The Shipwreck is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. On the north west of the island, approximately 20 years ago, a boat carrying illegal cigarettes shipwrecked and flooded the beach creating the famous Shipwreck.

We organize daily private cruises starting from the Shipwreck that visit all the south west part of the island (Caves – Kamares – Keri Lighthouse – Porto Limniona – Porto Vromi). The captain of our company is in charge of the tour. The route is shown on the adjacent map.


From Keri Lake you can take one of our boats and visit the island of Marathonisi which is located in the centre of the Marine Park of Laganas. It is a green, uninhabited island. On the east side there is large sandy beach with crystal blue waters that will make you feel like you’re in heaven. This is one of the beaches the Caretta Caretta turtles have chosen to lay their eggs.

On the west side there is a smaller beach with pebbles as well as two large caves.


The beach of Marathia is situated in Keri Lake, on the south part of Zakynthos. It is a unique image of beauty with deep green coloured water and a pebbled seabed. Right across, you will find the island of Marathonisi, which resembles the shape of a turtle if you look closely.


Enjoy the Kamares which are two large natural stone formations known as the Small and Big Kamara. They are considered a unique natural phenomenon which you can stop and admire.


You can make a stop and swim at the amazing «Oasis» beach. It is thought to be one of the quietest beaches as there are no bars, restaurants and sun loungers. It is recommended to be supplied with everything you need before you visit it, so you can let yourselves enjoy the magic of the serenity.


Explore the caves of Keri. The alternation of colours around the sea caves is remarkable. You can anchor your boat and enjoy a wonderful swim inside these caves. Do not forget to have a snorkeling mask with you in order to admire the wonderful sea bed.


After the Keri Caves you reach two huge rocks, the renowned Mizithres. This area is home to the Monachus Monachus seal and dolphins. Always be ready to get a shot of these marvelous mammals with your camera.